Funeral Procession For A Beloved Dog


Funeral Procession For A Beloved Dog

In the news, we often hear about people abusing animals or animal neglect, especially dogs. We could see several stray dogs which are often neglected, beaten, or forced to struggle for survival. What do we do to save those poor creatures? nothing, many do nothing at all. We humans don’t have time to spare for other humans, then why would we spend time to care for poor animals? That’s not the scenario here, the villagers from Nambarpura said goodbye to their beloved dog with a huge funeral procession. Reading such news makes us to believe that there’s still some hope for humanity.

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Funeral Procession For A Beloved Dog -Fantoosy
Image Credits: India Today

The villagers from Nambarpura, about 30 killometres from state capital Bhopal have placed the body of Kalu (dog) in a jeep and decorated the jeep with beautiful flowers and took it out on a procession accompanied with a band party. Several people from the surrounding villages also attended the funeral procession of Kalu.

The dog Kalu was 27 years old when it left this world and for the past 27 years, the residents in this village loved Kalu like a equal memeber in their village. Reports India Today.

This rare show of love carried out by this villagers shows how loved the dog was. They treated this canine as their family member.

They also showered the dead body of Kalu with flowers in the funeral procession.

This act of kindness exhibited by this villagers is a heartwarming relief in the midst of continuing stories about animal abuse.