Gangnam Style’s Psy Is Back!!


Gangnam Style’s Psy Is Back!!

Psy – the man with ultra-catchy tunes, hilarious facial expressions and even funnier dance moves – is back with yet another blockbuster, named ‘Daddy’. The South Korean Pop star initially took the world and Youtube by storm when his song ‘Gangnam Style’ become a worldwide sensation, eventually becoming the most viewed video on YouTube, with over 2 billion views (a record that still stands).

Gangnam Style's Psy is Back!
The Gangnam Style star has always involved a lot of comedy in his videos.

Post-‘Gangnam Style’, Psy went on to compose a number of major worldwide hits including ‘Gentleman’, and the famous ‘Hangover’ featuring none other than the D-O-G-G himself, Snoop Dogg. He revealed in interviews later that he puts a lot of thought and effort into deciding what dance steps to do in his music videos, which are nothing but entertaining. ‘Daddy’ is definitely one of those, with him dancing in ways that can only be called comical.

The song ‘Daddy’ is a sort of parody of Will.I.Am’s ‘I got it from my Momma’, but I’m sure even Will.I.Am would enjoy the song and the video! Psy is shown dressed up as an old man who rides a puny scooter, and his head is also superimposed onto other people’s bodies throughout the video, further adding to the comic quotient.

Even though Psy puts so much of thought into his videos, he has the tremendous abiity to compose extremely catchy songs every single time. He has released his new album, Chiljib PSY-Da, and I’m sure this song will make sure that the album has a whopping number of buyers. Check out the ‘Daddy’ Official Video:


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