Ghayal Once Again Review – Action Packed GO GO GO Watch it Now


Ghayal Once Again Review – Action Packed GO GO GO Watch it Now

Ghayal Once Again returns after 16 years of ‪#‎Ghayal‬, the magic of Ghayal Once Again hit the silver screen almost after two decades which won Sunny Deol a National Award in 1990. Not only this, Ghayal in 1990 won seven Filmfare Awards, including the Best Movie award. [ Read: Saala Khadoos Review: One of The Best Bollywood Boxing Movies ]

I am sure after watching this movie you will end up saying Sunny Deol is the biggest action superstar and he remains so. First 25 mins of the movie will give you a feeling of so-so but trust me from 26th minutes on-wards the movie takes really great turns and twists. Sunny paaji makes his presence felt with his intense angry looks and Ghayal makes more sense with so much action at every minute that you won’t have time to breathe till end. Superb action and a brilliant story and Sunny Deol delivers one of his best movie. He may be older but he still shines and his fans will enjoy this fast paced film set in modern day Mumbai. [ Read: Mastizaade Review – No Story, Just Steamy Hot Scenes ]


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Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) in Ghayal Once Again, suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), now runs a news agency, that everyone looks up to for its high morality. But that is not all. He also runs a secret spy sort of agency that takes justice in to their own hands. The movie has too many characters and takes way too much time to establish in your mind. The driving plot of the film is unimaginative and generic for 2016; a group of four kids who have come into possession of a video footage of a murder. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds since influential people are involved. The Movie has two well executed Chase Sequence, also Narendra Jhas performance as Villain are the factors which is worthy enough to watch in this movie. Skilfully shot, elaborate nail-biting chase sequences across the city leave you glued to your seats, gasping for breath. The Climax Copter Animation crashing in to the apartment could have been better. If you looking for a different story and unpredictable Climax this movie is not for you.

We don’t get to see our favorite action star deliver some kick ass action sequences in the first half. Sunny Deol rarely opens his mouth for a long dialogue delivery that factor may disappoint his fans a bit however amazing action and one liners of Sunny Deol will keep you holding back to you seat firmly. A great old school action film, anyone who liked Ghayal would love this one as well. A bit action thrills, chase sequence and Narendra Jha’s performance, this is what felt worthy for me in this flick.

Watch Ghayal Once Again for the sheer nostalgia of 90’s bollywood and of course, for Sunny Deol (paaji) putting his “dhai kilo ka haath” to action after a long time!!! The clapping and whistles in the theater was evident everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. This movie is just a Paisa Vasool Entertainer.