Man Who Offers Ghee as a Gift to Mother Delivering Female Child


Man Who Offers Ghee as a Gift to Mother Delivering Female Child

Female child are considered as a blessing by a man who offers Ghee as a gift to their mothers after delivery. Female child are considered as a curse in Rajasthan so female child are being frequently killed before or after their death in the state. The state is famous for female foeticide. A man is giving a value to the mothers of newborn girl child. 65 year-old Jitendra Kumar Jain is offering a packet of ghee to the mothers of female infants.

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Man Who Offers Ghee as a Gift to Mother Delivering Female Child

“Not that a kilo of ghee is precious, it is only a token of appreciation for women who are bringing these priceless gems into the world. In these times of skewed sex ratios, it is important to spread joy at the time of birth of daughters,” Jitendra said.

Jitendra is giving importance to female children as he is enjoying the parenthood of three girls. As a part of Pyari Bitiya Janam Uphaar Yojna on Raksha Bandhan day in 2015 he has distributed ghee as well as baby kits to as many as 158 mothers in community heath center. His wife, brother are actively participating in this inspiring selfless deed.

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“They come every day and, with their own hands, distribute desi ghee,” says Sumerpur CHC In-Charge Dr. Praveen Arora.

This is happening in Sumerpur one of the blocks in Pali district that is famous for an increase in sex ratio at birth during the last one year.

“We also cut cakes in the ward quite frequently on birth of a girl child, which is mostly when there are more than five to six girl children delivered in a day,” says Kuldeep Singh Deora, Block Chief Medical Officer.

Gender discrimination is quite common in Rajasthan. Why these kind of inhuman practices are still prevailing in a developing country?  For the sustainance of life both genders are necessary. Surely this is a great job doing by Jitendra and it will surely open the eyes of our fellow beings and changes the attitude of narrow-minded people.