Gigolo: Male Prostitution Or Not?


Gigolo: Male Prostitution Or Not?

Wikipedia defines gigolo as a male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call. The gigolo is expected to provide companionship, to serve as a consistent escort with good manners and social skills. The relationship may include sexual services as well, when he also would be referred to as “a kept man”.

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A gigolo had recently opened up about what his life has been like since he started his occupation as one. He says,

 “As a sex worker, I make Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 depending on who I am catering to and how much time I give. Everyone likes easy money, especially when it comes with sex, something which all of us enjoy. At times, I could not help wondering what these women were going through in their personal lives. A regular client in South Delhi is married to an affluent businessman. They have half-a-dozen luxury cars. Every time I meet her, she becomes crazy and behaves in a way that one would expect her to behave with her husband. She shows me all the things that she has recently bought and introduces me to her online friends over Skype. She buys me clothes, wrist watches, phones. And she has so much to talk about. We have had sex many times, but with her, the act becomes secondary. Then, there was this college girl whom I met only for one night at a hotel in Noida. She paid Rs 10,000. It turned out that her boy friend had recently dumped her. There were no expressions on her face. Sitting on the bed, she kept talking about him until she fell asleep. Three days ago, I served a housewife in Faridabad. It was my fourth visit to her. Her husband is in the armed forces and her kids are in boarding school. She just likes to hold my hand and listen to me talking of my experience as a gigolo. Once I had fever for which she gave me medicine. At the other extreme, are women who are looking for nothing but for pure sexual pleasure. They have no qualms about what they want and they treat me like an object. But overall, though, I think women want more than fun.”

Whether it is male prostitution or not, this video helps us have a clearer idea.