Are You too Giving Money to Fake Handicapped Beggars?


Are You too Giving Money to Fake Handicapped Beggars?

You must have seen a lot of handicapped beggars near your area but this one can make you think twice before you give money to any of these.

Specially-abled people without limbs actually wish they had them and this pretending to be handicapped beggar wishes he doesn’t have his limbs. What an ironic world we live in. I don’t know how to react to it. I feel sad for him or should I kick him for the fact he acts like one. May be poverty made him do this. [ Read: Possible Delhi Kidnapping Racket : Child Saved Luckily ]

What a hard life, taking all the risk of being truly crippled not letting blood flowing in his legs. I bet not many can tie their legs in that position for a long time, it is not very easy to tie one’s leg for the whole day. In-fact this pretending to be a handicapped beggar is killing his leg for a chance of that one coins from you. That’s only for few coins to survive and possibly a family to take care of. If this trick is putting bread and butter on his table well done for the amazing out of the box thinking. Maybe he was driven by poverty to do this hard job to earn his livelihood. But who knows it could be a more lucrative option to easily earn livelihood.

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What difference is there between him and the lots of big companies who cheat with their clients and customers by hiding information about their products. At-least this guy is better as he is a beggar and not a thief.

In order to rehabilitate beggars and street children in India, Government and competent authorities are taking several measures like the bio-metric system that helps catch beggars who return to the streets after rehabilitation. The Department of Social Welfare with the help of NGOs and police are also mapping beggars to rehabilitate them. But the bigger question is, are the steps and measures taken sincerely & adequate?