Good News for Maggi Lovers – It Might Make A Comeback Soon


Good News for Maggi Lovers – It Might Make A Comeback Soon

This year the most consumed food supply of Indian house hold was brutally snatched away by the Government. Central Food Technological Research Institute found high content of Lead in Nestle Maggi and almost immediately the supply and sales of the product were stopped.

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But, to our surprise the officials are trying their best to bring back the most loved food product. Narayan, Who is the new managing director of Nestle India said, “Task number one is to get Maggi back. That’s an important part of what I will be focusing on.” 

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He continued, “It is my endeavour and those of my colleagues that we come to with respect, with cooperation, with support from the authorities, I am not in a confrontational frame.Nestle is a part of this country. We will be a part of this country as we have been for the last 100 years respecting the laws of the land and also respecting all the authorities. It is my hope that we are able to find a solution and we are able to move forward.”

Due to this heavy ban, a whole business segment has been disassembled. The supply and manufacturing of Maggi was put on freeze which brought in a lot of Loss to the brand.  Nestle India reported a standalone loss of Rs 64.40 crore for the quarter ended on June 30, 2015.

Narayan also added, “As a consequence of what has happened we will be having a process of introspection as an organisation, in terms of learning what was the thing happened, what was the thing that was right what was the thing which we have done was not right.”

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We aren’t really sure if the news regarding the return of Maggi is actually to be believed but then again if it makes a comeback, We would want it to stay because nothing can fill a hungry tummy at 2 am the way Maggi does.

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