Government Spends Rs 10000 to Buy Rs 70!


Government Spends Rs 10000 to Buy Rs 70!

In a recent news that shocked the people of Himachal Pradesh, the effort to buy turbans was taken to the next level by the public. Well, what would you call on earth? Strange wonder?- Well, there was probably a lot of things which had mislead to a troll by the government- but probably this was something……Insane??

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Haha! What one Earth would someone buy just two turbans from the Government! The residents of Himachal Pradesh came with shocking news recently claiming that the Government has put out some advertisements! Now this one just came up by the newspapers when the people of the state had witnessed the government offering people to buy clothes for Turbans!

Government spends Rs 10000 to buy Rs 70!1

In The advertisement which was revealed, the Government had a stick of 14 metres of cloth which they offered to purchase for the people at a rate of INR. 50 per meter! However here lies the twist! The turban was supposed to be given for drivers! Shocking eh?

Now just calculate what the news suggests- the expense of putting an advertisement= INR. 10000
And Now the purchase amount for the people= INR. 70!

As per as the reports would have been concerned, the charges for the advertisement was something like 15 times more than that of the cloth and would sum up to INR. 10000. However, this was probably one of the hilarious ads given up by the government as a perspective of the Tender! However, the matter just not dared to stop over here! A lot of people came up protesting against this stupid activity claiming that the Government had no right to misuse cash. A lot of people also came up to Twitter to show the power of democracy claiming “Misuse of Public Cash”!

However claiming the whole incident happened just by mistake, Ashwani Sharma who is the General Administration Department’s Additional Secretary came up with an interview. However, she had claimed that they had sent out a letter to the cloth merchant asking for a quote of the cloth. But by mistake, the letter landed up in the chambers of the newspapers with the slot of the tender notices!

Government spends Rs 10000 to buy Rs 70!2

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However, this is just not the end! Several blogs have already come up against the government for doing such hilarious activities in the past. As a matter of fact, the people outraged with anger and most of them claimed that it should never have repeated!