Guaranteed Roadmap to END Intolerance in 24 hours


Guaranteed Roadmap to END Intolerance in 24 hours

Guaranteed Roadmap to END Intolerance in 24 hours

Following these 8 simple steps in your life will surely end intolerance in 24 hours. Feel free to share this post widely so that it reach maximum people.

Step 1. Take a deep breadth and look around in your close proximity if you get to see something like that in your work area, or the place where you live. I am sure you would find its not that bad.

Step 2. Stop watching news channels and specially debates. If by now you have not understood game of Media in these debates; then god bless you. Read: Appeal To The Public To Boycott TRP-driven News Channels #DecemberMediaBoycott

Step 3. Ignore the existence of just 10-15 people and believe whatever they speak, nobody really cares. Media has identified such people and to sell 24 hours news, they reach to such people for comments and results you all know. You can easily identify 3-5 such people from each political party in your friend circle 😛

Step 4. If you want to just know the news; listen to DD News or read Hindu Newspaper. I switched to Hindu a year back from TOI and I definitely find nation more tolerant. On front page, it just tells you news which really should be on front page. No Sheena Bora murder case (do you really care who killed whom) or Aamir khan statement or censor on James Bond’s kiss.

Step 5. Un-follow your friends on Facebook, Twitterwhatsapp who share their intellectual thoughts or provocative content. I just did for some of my friends (they are my friends, just I don’t see their political posts). May be use Instagram or Pinterest, they are filled with beautiful pictures.

Step 6. Spend some time with kids, parents and family; you will realize what kind of harm you are doing to society and next generation by discussing and keeping these things relevant. Don’t spoil life of innocent souls by focusing more on irrelevant things.

Step 7. Always remember; biggest beneficiary of this chaos is political parties and worst victims are mango people. So choice is yours. The Hindu or Muslim sitting next to you is as friendly, as worried about family and bread; as you are. Let’s be a better human, lets respect all religions.

Step 8. Last input; minimize usage of Facebook / whatsapp; better spend time with family and friends or pursue a long pending hobby in your wishlist.

I guarantee you following these will surely end intolerance; life will again be beautiful!!!