Gujarat to Celebrate Republic Day in a Unique Way


Gujarat to Celebrate Republic Day in a Unique Way

A noble and unique method of celebrating India’s 67th Republic Day on January 26th has been adopted by the State of Gujarat. According to this new initiative, the most educated girl in each village will hoist the national flag at a Government School. The theme for these school programmes, which are to be held on Republic Day is “Beti Ko Salam, Desh Ke Naam“.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage the education of the girl child in India.

This initiative is indeed a unique one, and aims to encourage literacy amongst girls in India. The Gujarat Government aims to lead by example and motivate other states, as well as the nation as a whole, to encourage and promote the literacy of girls and women. In a country where the status of women in society has been a topic of discussion for a considerable period of time, this is a big step in ensuring that gender discrimination in any form ceases to be prevalent in Indian society.

The State Government of Gujarat has already sent out a circular to all the Government Schools in the State, to follow this order. DPEOs (District Primary Education officer) of private schools have also been notified of this. Furthermore, the Gujarat Government has also said that it will honour the parents of daughters who were born in 2016. Also, another kind gesture by the State Government will be to give the sum of Rs. 300 to every Government School in the State of Gujarat.

We sincerely hope that this is just the beginning of a new way of thinking in India, and the girl child is given equal importance. Evils in society like female infanticide and abortion based on child gender should be ended for the sake of humanity and it’s conscience.

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