Gurgaon’s Day Care Schools in Horrible Shape ! Wake up Haryana !


Gurgaon’s Day Care Schools in Horrible Shape ! Wake up Haryana !

It saddens a mothers heart to see such tragic moments. We generally don’t share such scary pictures, but this we had to do this time so that no body else in Gurgaon or any where else face such a tragic situation again. Authorities should ban such institutes if they don’t know how to take care of kids. On a very serious note parents should sue these types of Day Care. We get lenient and these irresponsible people raise their bar irresponsibility and our kid can become an another victims of such negligence. Money which parents are paying to them is making them react and treat victims family in below manner. These kind of day cares are the real pain of working parents.

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Gurgaon's Day Care Schools in Horrible Shape ! Wake up Haryana !, Cherub Angels Day Care C117, Sushant Lok 3 , Sector 57, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001
Picture of Myra as shared by her Mother after and before surgery.
C117, Sushant Lok 3 , Sector 57, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001
Details of Cherub Angels as per Google Maps. Facebook Page has been unpublished by the Day Care for unknown reasons.
Shivani P Sharma shares on her timeline:

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I want to report the utter negligence of Day Care owner Archana Benjiwal and her staff in running and taking care of kids. She has been the reason for our suffering from last week.
I am sure she or her staff hadn’t mention any of this to other parents because it is all her mistake. I have already registered a FIR at P.S 56 Gurgaon and i promise you Archana as your husband Prashant told us go to police and do whatever we can. I will fight till we get you the right treatment which you deserve. She not only behaved negligent but later tried to fool our family by pretending concerned. Yet that is the reason she has not appeared to even look at how Myra is doing now.
I will make sure this message reach to all the parents whose kids are coming to your day-care so that no other kid has to suffer such pain because of hypocrites like you and your husband. So that no one even think of putting their kids to your day care. You challenged me that i can’t do anything but i let all parents decide if they want similar treatment for their children in future.
I want to write this to all parents whose kids are going to her day care Cherub Angels to read through the complete incident below yourself.
On 28th April 2016 i dropped my daughter around 12:30 PM at Cherun angels day care. At 1 Pm when i had just reached my office i got a call from her school teacher Aarushi that there is an emergency and my 3 years old daugther hit her right Thumb.
I rushed to Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, at 1:30 PM when i reached Artemis hospital emergency that she had thumb amputation means her top half part of the thumb has been crushed and cut apart. I was told that another kid Kartik pushed door close and her finger came inside.
Can you believe the situation when my 3yrs old is in front of my eyes bleeding. The resident plastic surgeon told me that nothing can be done to broken thumb but only
a surgery to close the cut. Which means for her whole life she will never have a full thumb nor any nail, instead she will have a round cut finger.
I rushed to Paedtrician Dr Hemant Gogia as i had always consulted him in past. He named Dr Khazanchi in medanta hospital for second opinion. I rushed to Medanta Emergency Plastics department and met Dr Khazanchi who is known for his 15+ years of service. He suggested to see the Amputated part. His team of doctors saw the whole case and operated my daugther around 6PM. She had a hand surgery by well known Hand Surgeon Dr Aditya Agarwal.
During this whole time i was alone as my husband was out of country.
According to doctors we need to wait 6 weeks to see if surgery a success else they will do someother procedures.
But the real face of Archana and Prashant came to picture only after a day of this incident. Her husband came to our house on 1st May 2016 apologizing and saying that they will completely bear the expense of all treatments as it is their mistake. But since then we have not seen nor heard back from them. When i asked Archana to come to Medanta to pay for her second surgery she started making all excuses like
she has her school to take care of, have to pick and drop other kids. She can’t leave kids to Another teacher Rajni as she is there till 6 PM only. I am sure just like Asmi’s mom many other parents can confirm that she has left her school to other staff many times in past when had to visit her relatives or for her holidays.
Also she said that she can only pay us by cheque and would need original hospital bills with my ID proof and photograph to add to her school records that they made
these payments. But on actual day of surgery she didn’t even picked our phone.
On 6th May 2016 when we called them her husband threatened us by saying that don’t come to our house and we can do anything and contact police.
These people are so heartless and professional that they are not even scared of god, Law and society.
To top it all Archana told me that it was an accident and it can happend with anyone. Even she can’t prevent this.
I want to request all parents to think again today before dropping your kid to her day care Cherub Angel. Nothing is more precious than our kids. We mother’s work for goodwill of our kids so that we can better their lives not to put them in danger.
I know it is every easy to get fooled by these husband and wife. We were fooled but you can save your kid.
P.S. you are with us to fight against these heartless people.
P.S. I will fight till end Archana and Prashant but law and goodwill is above all.

Nimmi Tiwary narrates a similar horrific incident from her past.

I know exactly what this mother and daughter duo is going through..
As at her age the actual incident took place with me and my grand parents were in a very vulnerable state as many doctors refused fixing back the finger and my grand mother specially was predetermined to fight off the challenges and get the finger in place.
I on the whole had no idea but the memoir of the blood fountaining out of my forefinger still leaves a tremor within but the best part was played by our school Sacred Heart convent in providing me with the first aid at the school dispensary and then properly putting the cut finger in a bottle for getting it fixed and helping us reach to the hospital as it was a strike in the city that very day. Albeit, they never paid for the surgery ( and we never asked for ) as they were very supportive and they acted with immense sensitivity. We still believe they played a big role in safely dispensing my cut finger to the hospital which was the reason the surgery could take place in the first place and it was great care that my grand parents took in the aftermath to protect it in the initial period.
When parents part with their kids at creche they expect to receive them sound and safe and school has the responsibility of looking after and taking care. Any negligence on their part should be accounted to by them. The least they could do is be sensitive.

Extremely sorry to know about the pain you guys have to go through. Hope the little one gets better soon. Beware people before leaving your kids at day care. Nothing is more important than your children and give them most of your time and attention. This is the reason there needs to be quality checks and licensing for children day care centers in India. I hope the culprit gets behind bars here.

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