Hair Donation to Cancer Patients by Women and Kids in Gurgaon


Hair Donation to Cancer Patients by Women and Kids in Gurgaon

Hair donation is done by women and kids in Gurgaon for helping cancer patients. Hair donation is essential in the sense that cancer patients are suffering from severe hair loss due to the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and severe drugs. The hair fall will persist through out their life. Most of them are suffering too much due to the hair loss that is leading them to a state of severe mental depression. They are really ashamed to turn out in front of a crowd. They wish to lead a lonely life. Cancer is a dreaded devil that is attacking the people now a days. It will change the attitude of an individual. As a result the patients consider them as a burden to others. They all wish to die as early as possible. Now medical field is emerging with hopeful treatments that can cure this disease. Those who have recovered is facing severe hair loss which is responsible for changing their appearance. What should be done to help them? As a primary initiative, a consoling hand has been offered by Mumbai-based not-for-profit public service, Hair Aid, by providing wigs to help financially weak cancer patients.

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Hair Donation to Cancer Patients by Women and Kids in Gurgaon

The organisation was started by Yatin Deshpande, a popular hair stylist, make-up artist and cosmetologist. This organisation is four years old and stand as an active body rendering helping hands to the patients. First of all they organize Hair Donation events all over India in which willing people will donate a small portion of their hair. They are getting a very good support from the public which has been reflected in the collection of hair. The main objective of the organisation is to make fine hair wigs and to provide it to the patients suffering from depression due to hair loss. This will help them to regain their original identity, self -confidence and will also cure their mental depression to certain extent. Thus the patients will be able to lead a successful life there after. This is a very good social service done by Yatin and his co-workers and they expect only blessings in turn.

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He explained, “People donate hair from across the country. However, awareness seems to be growing in Delhi and NCR region, as recently a student of Delhi University got her head shaved to donate hair. The idea is to help those who can’t afford wigs and continue to go through emotional hardship.”

Astonishing fact is that women all over the country is giving much importance to their hair care and growing it to a long extent so that they can donate it to the organisation making beautiful wigs for the recovered patients. Through this service women are becoming a part of the event and they always wish to see the cheerful face of their fellow beings.

Take this challenging venture as a sort of inspiration and try to think in a different manner just like Yatin!!!