Half Girlfriend (2017) : Movie Review


Half Girlfriend (2017) : Movie Review

Half Girlfriend : Ladies and gentlemen, we have an unexplored lover’s spot right in the heart of Delhi – it’s the top of India Gate. No one’s been there yet; no one will possibly go there ever. Except for Madhav – Riya, the lovelorn couple of Mohit Suri’s adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel which I hear is one of his weakest.

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Half Girlfriend 2017 Movie Review-FantoosyHaa, never mind!! Lets cut to the plot; Riya (Shraddha Kapoor) is an Angrezi speaking richie rich girl while Madhav (Arjun Kapoor) is a shuddh hindi bihari babu. They bond over basket ball in their college, go on a movie date, share a bed in Madhav’s hostel room but Riya fears commitment. She’s ready to be his half girlfriend …nothing more.

What’s a half girlfriend? you ask! Fikar not, even Madhav doesn’t get a satisfactory answer from Riya. Perhaps, Chetan Bhagat should’ve explained the concept in detail. Woefully, he doesn’t!!

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More woe : Bhagat’s screenplay is filled with too many implausible situations…sample this : Bill Gates (yes, I mean the Microsoft co- founding billionaire) makes a morphed face appearance in a remote village in Bihar to help Madhav realise our PM Modi’s vision of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’. He also understands Madhav’s soul stirring hindi speech and stops his lady translator mid way saying he gets the gist. Oh, please!!!

Post interval, the film shifts to New York city where Madhav turns modern Bewdadas spending most of his time hanging out in pubs. Its the time our Aadhi GF picture slips in to a complete monotony mode and yawwwn inducing boredom creeps in.

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The climax, though well written, doesn’t impact you in the desired way. Music, always a Mohit Suri strong point, doesn’t match up to his previous attempts. Only the ‘stay a little longer’ song and it’s hindi version pass muster.

Of the cast, Arjun and Shraddha pitch in decent performances but cannot conjure a sizzling chemistry as a pair. Vikrant Massey is a standout as Arjun’s college pal. Rhea Chakraborty sizzles in a cameo.

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In the end, Half Girlfriend doesn’t even make it past the half way mark on the rating scale…



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