Happy 97th Birthday Jamshedpur – 3rd March Video


Happy 97th Birthday Jamshedpur – 3rd March Video

Happy 97th Birthday Jamshedpur. Yes, 3rd March is one of the most awaited day in the year as its no less than a red-letter for everyone who belongs to Jamshedpur‬ for it marks the 177th birth anniversary of a legendary stalwart who painted the steel city on the canvas of the country- Mr. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of ‪#‎Jamshedpur‬. In 1919 Lord Chelmsford named the city, which was early a village called Sakchi, to Jamshedpur in honour of its founder, Jamsetji Tata, whose birthday is celebrated on 3rd March as Founder’s Day. The Founder’s Day in Jamshedpur is celebrated in grateful memory of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata whose dream of having Asia’s First Steel Company, TISCO, started production from 1907.

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A city cradled and nursed in the vivid imagination of one towering individual. Only people from Jamshedpur can understand the value of 3rd March. This is the only day which is bigger than Holi, Diwali or any festival for all the Jamshedpurians.

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He was a visionary, a man of unputdownable mettle, a shrewd business-guy, one who lived for the people, a milestone who created an empire that satisfies thousands of famished lives from over a millennium and will continue to do so forever…

I am privileged that I owe my kindergarten to this beautiful city.


“Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick-growing variety. Be sure that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens. Reserve large areas for football, hockey and parks. Earmark areas for Hindu temples, Mohammedan mosques and Christian churches.” – Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. (in a letter to his son Dorab, for what is now Jamshedpur)

Remembrance Respect,

Missing Jamshedpur on eve of 3rd March. Every body from Jamshedpur who has a feel of 3rd March celebrations in their childhood must echo my words. The glittered Jubilee Park and surroundings were just mesmerizing. Those scooter rides with family and friends all over Jamshedpur has changed with time, I wish I can visit my places someday soon.

I am so much Proud that I am from Jamshedpur I love it very much. My soul is staying in this city, my childhood memories are with it, my parents memories are with it. I am sure many of us miss those days when we used to get toffee packets from school on this occasion and jubilee park used to be decked up like a new bride in the evenings. Remembering my School days and the March Past to Jubilee park every 3rd March.

When you have to give the lead in action in ideas a lead which does not fit in with the very climate of opinion, that is the true courage. Physical, mental or spiritual: call it what you like and it’s this type of courage and vision that J.N.Tata showed. It will always be an honor to remember him as one of the big founders of modern India. Yeah!!! Only legends lives in Jamshedpur. Salute all of your family members and their contribution towards us, which is unforgettable.

A homage to Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata Tata: A Heart Touching Video about the history behind Jamshedpur.


I still remember that grand celebration of the birth anniversary of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata the lightning of Jublee Park. The true God in disguise Shri J.N. Tata who arranged livelihood for millions and his best disciple Mr. J.R.D. Tata who prolonged J.N. Tata’s dream of a better India, economically strengthened India, prosperous India, futuristic India. My Salute and Gratitude to these True Indians who taught us what Indianism is all about.

Lets be true bonafides and pay our remembrances to our home town Tatanagar.