5 Most Haunted Delhi Destinations to Make Your Nights Scary


5 Most Haunted Destinations in Delhi that are Bound to Test Your Guts

As the sultry heat of Delhi tests your patience, let’s make your stay in this capital city a bit spookier with a list of a few eerie places that you never thought could be haunted at all. If Delhi is all about crime and rape, history and royalty, then don’t miss out the fact that it is a shelter to the spirits too.

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Look who has been Following You!
Look who has been Following You!

Jokes apart, when you are a super brave badass and nothing seems to stop you from exploring all the eerie destinations of the world, let Delhi be an addition to the list. When films like Conjuring and Paranormal Activity keep you glued to your seats without an inch of fear, you got to visit these extremely eerie locations in Delhi without a glitch.

Metro Station Dwarka Sector 9

As you are late for work and taking the last metro from Dwarka next time, be sure you have a company to save you from the creepy affairs. Though bustling with passengers throughout the day and filled with hum drums of Delhi culture, the night garbs Dwarka into a completely different wrapper. It has been heard many a time people have witnessed the sudden arrival of a lady proximate to the commuters and then she is spotted nowhere. Well, reminded of a horror film? Take a night metro today from Dwarka to test your adrenalin rush.

Who's the ghost in Dwarka Secor 9 Metro Station
Who’s the ghost in Dwarka Secor 9 Metro Station

Feroz Shah Kotla Monument

Delhi has always been the hotspot of royal monuments and thus remains followed by its share of bloodshed, dark untold secrets and Feroz Shah Kotla is indeed a distinct reminder of the same. Remember the account of William Dalrymple on Delhi where he had addressed about how this monument is a home to the queer djinns? Well, whether it’s a rumour or a true story is left for you experience. As far the facts suggest, local populace often offer incense sticks on every Thursday to calm down the spirits. Sounds worth a visit? Isn’t it?

Feroz Shah Kotla's eerie presence
Feroz Shah Kotla’s eerie presence

Greater Kailash House No. W3

Hey are you the resident of Greater Kailash and never known that you are surrounded by some eerie souls? Take a walk down to W-3 House of Greater Kailash. Facts say that a senior couple was brutally murdered in the house and then they make a come -back just to reinstate their claims. The desolate house is strangely accompanied by uncanny sessions of laughter along with murmurs making us doubt whether the couple still lives there with their ghastly souls?

house no. W-3
house no. W-3

Delhi Cantonment

Google your facts today about Delhi’s top haunted places and this arrives indeed as the topper in all lists. If this place had always been known to you as just a skip off from the chaotic traffic of Delhi, take a long drive at midnight to this astoundingly calm destination. And, Hey! You will get a company for sure. Myths say that a lady completely clad in a white saree is all set to follow you and she may be asking for a lift too! Reminded of that ghostly video of “AAJA RE” of 1990s? Up for a real adventure? Then let your car take its night stroll to Delhi Cantonment today.

delhicantt- haunted-places
delhicantt- haunted-places

Rohini’s Khooni Nadi

If the absence of water bodies in Delhi makes you complain often, this “Nadi” can be an alluring invitation. But be sure to hold a grip over your guts as the myths say that most of the times, onlookers are tempted to take a dive into it by a strange force. Chances are quite rare for them to return. Though no such mishaps have taken place so far but undoubtedly the locals are witnesses to a number of spooky presences in bthis unfrequented destination.

khooni nadi haunted place
khooni nadi haunted place

So which destination are you preparing for the next weekend night? Keep us updated 🙂