Have You Travelled The World Enough? Ask Yourself


Have You Travelled The World Enough? Ask Yourself

Modern city life has blinded us and we cannot see the world in it’s purest form. These 6 pictures will make you look for your passport and fly away to these beautiful landscapes. Whatever brings you peace Desert, Mountain, Sea or Snow. Our beautiful planet has it all.

Here’s a list of inspiring pictures taken around the world. That makes you wonder Have You Travelled The World Enough?

  1. When the leaves turn yellow and red the contrasting colours makes a mesmerizing merge of picturesque canvas for nature lovers and painters. Mid October to mid November is the peek season for the maple leaves to change colours. October to September is the best time to visit Japan.

    picturesque, beauty,nature, leaves, colour, yellow, red,maple,Japan, tree
    Beautiful mid October to September in Japan

    2. Stunningly located in the ice cape of glacier in Iceland. Bardarbunga is consider to be a calm volcano with its eruption once in 50 years. Located in the remote area of Island very few people know about it but not any more pack your bags right away.

    Island, Bardarbunga
    Photography: Jan Rüegg

    3. Once a burned down city and the resident built it up from the scraps  Fredrikstad forms the fifth largest city in Norway. All the snow lovers must consider flying down to Norway to experience the pristine snow flake on the tip of your tongue.

     Fredrikstad, Norway, snow, winter, cold, frozen tree
    Photography: Marie Peyre

    4. Not just a pretty lake but an attraction to the Hollywood film makers Jökulsárlón in Iceland has made an appearance in lot of movies like A View to a Kill, Die Another Day, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Batman Begins. The pointy icebergs is consider as one of the natural wonders of the world.

    Jökulsárlón, iceberg, natural wonders of Iceland, lake
    Photography: Eva Janu

    5. Namibia is a strange merge of cost and desert and when differences come together the sight is breath taking. Uninhabited by humans except for several Adivasi groups. This desert is home to some of the rare species than any other desert in the world.

    Namib, coastal desert, sea, sand, Africa
    photography: Juliette Herbelin

    6. We all would like to go to Australia for different reasons. Here’s one more Western Australia, Burns Beach is a suburb of Perth. Till date managing its original state in all isolation but is a popular destination for gliding enthusiasts.

    Western Australia, Beach, Burns Beach, coastal, gliding, coastal
    photography: Gary Houghton

    Where are you travelling this year? Have you travelled enough? Are you going to travel to the usual places or to the far rare ends of the world.