Headmaster Beaten and Banned from Madrasa for Shocking Reasons!


Headmaster Beaten and Banned from Madrasa for Shocking Reasons!

Kazi Masum Akhtar, the Headmaster of Talpukur Aara High Madrasa in Kolkata, has been banned from its precincts, after he was assaulted and battered by Maulanas and their henchmen. Well, there should have been a major valid reason for it, because after all, we do not see a headmaster beaten and banned from his own school very often. All this punishment was dealt to him for training students to sing the Indian National Anthem for Republic Day. This is apalling, especially considering the fact that Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote the Anthem, was also from the State.

headmaster beaten
The Madrasa form of education.

Sources say that many of those involved in this shameful act are supporters of ISIS, and are radical Muslim clerics. Akhtar has appealed to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the Governor and the chairman of State Minorities Commission, a total of six times, but has not been given the necessary attention. He records his attendance at a state government education department office, to draw his salary. The Madrasa is recognised by the government.

The agitators have called the National Anthem ‘sacrilege’ and a ‘Hindutva song’, and issued a fatwa against Akhtar. In another incident, Akhtar was beaten up with iron rods in March, resulting in a severe head injury that had him hospital-ridden for months. Since then, although he was hired through a State Government interview, he has not been able to set foot in the area, leave alone the Madrasa.

A fatwa has been issued against him, preventing him from entering the school unless he wears the traditional Muslim attire of kurta, short pyjamas and grew a beard, the length of which would be decided by the Madrasa’s Maulanas. The agitators have asked him to send weekly photos, updating them about the length of his beard (Akhtar prefers to be clean-shaven and usually wears shirts and trousers). They have condemned the singing of the ‘Hindu’ National Anthem and also consider the hoisting of the Tricolour to be ‘anti-islamic’.

Akhtar had earlier been harassed and assaulted by the group when he had encouraged education for Muslim girls, spoken against child marriage and started counselling the parents of poor Muslim girls.

The Kolkata Police Commissioner has written to the Minorities Commission, stating that he was not in a position to provide security to Akhtar, due to the fact that “his presence in the area might lead to communal tension”.

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