Their Heart Warming Story Of True Love Will Tear You Up!


Their Heart Warming Story Of True Love Will Tear You Up!

Meet Harshil Karia and Vidhi Gurnani, who have proved true love does exist in this world. In this world full of negativity and crime, it is just so beautiful to see how they didn’t let anything get between them for 14 years! They say true love is not very easy to find. Maybe we are just not looking hard enough.

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This story originally appeared on Humans of Bombay Facebook Page.

“When we were in the 4th standard, we were playing this game called dictionary, where we had to guess the word of the other team. Her word was ‘binoculars’ and I was the only one who guessed it. I liked her from back then, but I was too young to say anything at that time. Finally, when I was in the 8th grade I sent her an Email telling her I liked her and she replied in the affirmative.
But even after that, we were too shy to talk to each other at school, so I would go home and wait for his Email everyday. This went on till the 10th grade, when finally one day we spoke to each other, one on one when we were walking back home from tuitions. This one day, we were at Worli SeaFace just sitting there when it started pouring. That was the first day he said he loved me – and we were only 15 years back then.
“When did you know she was the one?”
“I knew she was the one all along, it was just a matter of making it official. When I did propose, I made a treasure hunt involving all the places that meant something to us like school or Seaface and finally the place I proposed was where we eventually got married. So the first email I sent her was on 20th December 2000 and we ended up getting married on 20th December 2013. So even though its our one year Wedding Anniversary tomorrow…it’s actually us completing 14 years together.”

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These two have taught us what true love actually means. True love might happen in the blink of an eye, but it takes strength and dedication to keep that love alive. It takes a lot of work. It will break you, hurt you and leave you frustrated. But in the end, it will all be worth it when you are old and can’t move. Nothing would be more peaceful than having your lover by your side while you take your last few breaths.