Help Educate Indian Children : Support this Noble Cause


Help Educate Indian Children : Support this Noble Cause

India has a vast population, and it is still growing everyday. We have numerous issues still acting as hindrances to our development as a nation, both socio-culturally as well as economically. One major hindrance is the education of Indian children. Although the situation is getting better than it was before, there is still a lot of work to be done. A huge amount of money would be required to provide computers and the necessary technology to the children in the country who are uneducated. In such situations, certain good samaritans, like in this case, step forward and help to turn these impossibilities into reality. Read their story:

Indian children
Computers and technology play a major role in education, in today’s world.

“Few months back, I realized that the company I worked for was basically selling old computers as scrap. They were old but functional machines. We talked to some higher ups and got them to donate them to some children in need.

We later started an initiative to do this on a larger scale. We collect old hardware, repair / refurbish them, install FOSS and donate.

We did have some initial success in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (stopped later when I found out that people, who were asking for computers for orphanages in their native village, were keeping the computers for themselves 🙁 ).

I relocated to Bangalore recently and would like to start it here. There are multiple ways to contribute.

  1. If you have some old computer that could use a new home, or you work for an organization that has them, please get in touch with us or find a deserving kid nearby and donate.
  2. You can volunteer your time and/or talent.
  3. Find kids who really need them and help them get in touch with us.

PS: This is just an initiative, not an NGO of sorts, there is no exchange of money. If you wish, you could remain anonymous and still help.”

Truly a noble cause, and one that deserves to be spread and supported. If you yourself would be willing to help these guys out, or if you know someone else who could, please do step forward and make a difference. Let’s create a better tomorrow.

Can you think of other ways to combat the education problem in India? Tell us in the comments section!