Here’s How You Can Keep Your Bums Cool In Summers


Here’s How You Can Keep Your Bums Cool In Summers

How do you feel about a sofa which cools your bum during the deadly summer heat?  Well, we could totally use one. Here’s how you can keep your bum cool in summers.

A Mechanic form Gujarat has designed an AC sofa which will keep your bum cool while you are chilling and relaxing on it. Dashrath Patel whose job requires him to repair air conditioners, randomly came up with the idea of making an AC sofa few years ago.

dashrath patel- ac sofa
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Dashrath took help from the National Institute of Designs (NID) and was successful at creating this Product. The Project is headed by Kumarpal Parmar who is an Executive at the National Institute of Designs.

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Earlier the sofa weighed around 175 Kg’s which was extremely heavy but was brought down to a mere 35 kg’s with the help of NID Alumnus Ankit Vyas. Vyas, who runs a design studio says, “It works like a split AC with a unit inside the sofa linked by pipe to another unit. The air flow will come out from the hand rest area of the sofa.He also mentioned that it would work like any other home AC. You can set the temperature with a remote control and it can also run on Fan-mode.

According to Patel the sofa’s launching price would be around 1- 1.5 lakhs. The product targets the Event Management section and also restaurants especially with a Terrace.

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