Hijras: The Third Gender Makes a Video Singing The National Anthem


Hijras: The Third Gender Makes A Video Singing The National Anthem

India a democratic nation. A nation where every citizen enjoys equal rights. This 15th of August we will celebrate our 69th Independence Day. A lot of things have changed since the last 68 years.

Many new rights have been introduced and new laws have been made. The government has done all it can so that each and every part of the society is treated equally and feels equal.

Government has introduced the reservation system for those who come from minority groups, socially backward groups and those who are below the poverty line.

But we missed one group that has recently been categorized into the ‘Third Gender’.

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Hijras who have been mistreated for ages have been categorised into the ‘Third Gender’.

They have been treated as social outcasts for years. One thing common among all of us that we all dream. We dream to achieve a particular goal in our lives.

Everyone has a dream of becoming something great or a plan to do something big in their lives.Some of them get the chance and they take it and become successful in their lives whereas, some get the right opportunities but are not able to take it and make it theirs.

While there are also some of us who do not even get the chance. Would they have been given the right opportunities they would have become successful in their lives.

But due to the orthodox thinking of our society we forced them on roads. Now they have to earn their living by begging on roads. No one to help them. They are the Hijras now known as the ‘Third Gender’.

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No schools gave them admission as parents think they would be a bad influence on their children.

No offices gave them jobs, which made it necessary for them to come on roads. But its time now that we promote them too. They are citizens of this free nation too like us.

Help them in every way you can. Watch this video made by the Hijras singing the National Anthem and share it with everyone you know!

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