This Video Proves Hindus-Muslims are No Less Patriotic Indians


This Video Proves Hindus-Muslims are No Less Patriotic Indians

We Indians are always excited to celebrate the festivals throughout the year. Every season brings up a different festival along with it, but there comes a season of celebrations in India when our beloved cricket team performs ecstatic on the field.

Cricket fans never fail to cheer the players up and this energy goes to the peak when the war is against Pakistan. This battle opens up blocked roads, suddenly a way comes out of traffic, crowded places become empty and ultimately people get stuck to the television sets. With the new technology knocking the door, people getting bored at their workplaces also take a live bite of these happenings on the web.

Die hard cricket fans has many tricks to predict the results of ongoing match and they start preparing accordingly. In the same way, here an Indian Muslim boy is preparing for the celebrations to the victory while India vs Pakistan cricket match is going on. He gets observed by a Hindu uncle in the neighborhood who is a hardcore Indian team supporter. What will be the effect of the results on their relation? Will the scores of the match unite them? Will Cricket unite them and ultimately whole India?

Watch this powerful, touching video to find out.


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