HIV Positive Girl Resumes Her Studies with the Help of District Collector


HIV Positive Girl Resumes Her Studies with the Help of District Collector!!!

HIV positive girl in Kerala re-enters her college to continue the studies with the help of District Collector P. Bala Kiran’s dedicated campaign. The girl was forced to leave the college and hostel for being HIV positive. The discrimination shown on HIV positive people is a frequent scenario in the present world. This happens due to ignorance. To wind up this sort of discrimination, the Kannur District collector has produced a spark that will spread fast among the ignorant people like a fire.

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HIV Positive Girl Resumes Her Studies with the Help of District Collector

HIV positive girl is a student of Wadi Huda Institute of Research and Advanced Studies in Kannur. She faced severe opposition from the students and their parents, which forced her to leave the college and hostel by discontinuing her studies.

Actually people strongly believe that HIV virus is contagious. Stigma against the disease needs treatment, which implies the common mans fear towards this disease, should be eliminated. Then only discrimination against HIV positive people ends.

This thought provoked the district collector to take a sudden initiative against the discrimination of the HIV positive girl caused due to mere ignorance.

After a personal talk with the affected girl and the college authorities, he arranged an awareness campaign including a team of several health officials who were engaged in conducting workshops, to remove the false knowledge public had about AIDS.

They succeeded in their attempt by changing the negative attitude, the parents and the students had towards HIV positive people. All of them understood that HIV positive people need more concern than negligence.

Glad that she can go back to her hostel and resume her studies, he said in a quote to PTI, “The college authorities were very supportive throughout. Now other students and their parents are also convinced.”

At last the girl is able to continue her education, which will lead her to a bright future colored with success.

In an effort to get rid of stigma and to lighten the darkness prevailed in the people’s mind about the disease, Bala Kiran said that he plans to conduct a district-wide awareness drive on HIV.

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“The epidemic of fear, stigmatization and discrimination has undermined the ability of individuals, families and societies to protect themselves and provide support and reassurance to those affected. This hinders, in no small way, efforts at stemming the epidemic. It complicates decisions about testing, disclosure of status, and ability to negotiate prevention behaviors, including use of family planning services.” – Source

So stay positive and do favour for those who are really in need following the example of Balkiran.