Houses from Scrap Plastic Bottles: Solution to Pollution and Vagrancy


Houses from Scrap Plastic Bottles: Solution to Pollution and Vagrancy

Houses from scrap plastic bottles. Is it difficult to think of a bottle instead of a brick? Usually scrap plastic bottles when thrown on the environment acts as a real villain causing pollution. The scrap plastic water bottle house reduces environmental pollution and solves homelessness, which is a matter of great concern. The scrap plastic bottle houses are really amazing and aesthetic too!! This house is highly viable, economical, strong, heat, earthquake and fire resistant, non-brittle as well as bio climatic. So the scrap plastic bottle houses are entitled as “Eco friendly and Green.”

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Houses from Scrap Plastic Bottles

This technology originated in India but at present Nigerians and Americans is widely spreading the advantages of this house through its construction. Hyderabad-based entrepreneurs, Prashant Lingam and his wife Aruna Kappagantula, founders of Bamboo House of India are now promoting the concept of plastic bottle houses.

The plastic bottles when filled with mud are stronger than bricks. It also reduces the emission of carbon gases produced when a normal brick is burnt. It also minimizes the usage of cement.

In Nigeria the first plastic house has been constructed with, thousands of scrap bottles laid in rows like bricks and tightly bound with mud. This beautiful house is in the village of Yelwa.

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“In Nigeria millions of plastic bottles are dumped into waterways and landfill each year causing pollution, erosion, irrigation blockages, and health problems. Bottle houses take this dangerous waste out of the environment and make it useful,” the environmental blog Eco Nigeria wrote earlier this year as the construction was in progress.
According to Eco Nigeria, the bottle house will be “solar powered, with a fuel-efficient clean cook stove, urine filtration fertilization systems, and water purification tanks, thereby making it energy autonomous.”


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Indians should also promote this, then lots of economically backward people will be benefited with a self-sustainable house and also the increasing pollution level in our country can be minimized to a great extent. Thousands of scrap plastic bottles dumped in open areas in our country will be out of sight. Scrap plastic bottle houses are a true gift to mankind. Hope this idea will flourish fast in the entire world so that it will give an end to the saying “Plastic Plastic Everywhere”.