Husband Sues Wife For $13,000 When He Saw Her Without Makeup


Husband Sues Wife For $13,000 When He Saw Her Without Makeup

Married couples fight all the time. The reason behind their fights can vary from very big reasons to some funny reasons. But the reason here will shock you and leave you confused for a moment.

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A man sued his wife when for $13,000 when he saw her without her makeup. However, the incident that we are going to tell you about is a little strange but true. An Algerian man has dragged his wife in the court of Law when he didn’t see her with her make-up on and alleged her of cheating.

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This happened when the husband got back home and saw a stranger in his house. The stranger was his wife and he couldn’t recognize her because she was not wearing her make up. When asked from him if he has not seen her ever without make up before their marriage he replied “ No, Never”.

This is what a source says on the husband’s behalf :

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Married couples fight all the time but they suing each other is rare and suing just because a wife was not wearing her makeup is something that I have heard for the first time.

Do you think the husband’s action is reasonable by challenging their holy tie in the court of law just because his wife didn’t look the same without makeup? Or do you think that it’s the wife’s fault and she cheated on her husband by not showing herself without makeup?

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