If Fast and Furious had an Indian Cast


If Fast and Furious had an Indian Cast

The movie Fast and Furious taught us a lot about cars as well as the importance of family. What if this movie was made in Bollywood. We could have had some rickshaw stunts, 2 or 3 item numbers and Alok Nath as the father of Letty. Let us see which Bollywood celeb’s would do justice to the role of these Fast and Furious characters.

  1. John Abraham as Dominic Toretto (originally played by Vin diesel): Both the hunks could satisfy the character of Doom. The muscular body and excellent fighting skills of our Bollywood star John Abraham could make the Indian Fast and Furious a must watch for all.


2. Hrithik Roshan as Brian O’Conner (originally played by Paul walker): Both blue eyed men make the ladies go crazy. Hrithik Roshan is a good action hero and also good at romance. Someone perfect for the role of Brian.Hrithik Roshan as Brian O'Conner

3. Katrina Kaif as Mia (originally played by Jordana Brewster): The girl next door, Katrina will fit perfectly in the role of Mia with her feminine style and grace, and we Indians love the on screen chemistry of Hrithik and Katrina, so this role belongs to Katrina without any doubt.Katrina Kaif as Mia

4. Priyanka Chopra as Letty (originally played by Michelle Rodriguez): This Bollywood diva is sure to set the theatre on fire as Letty. With her outstanding acting skills, she will surely please the audience. She rocked the role of Mary Kom and will certainly rock the role of Letty.Priyanka Chopra as Letty (originally played by Michelle Rodriguez)

5. Emraan Hashmi as Han (originally played by Sung Kang): The role of the mysterious man who is good at tricking people is a role well suited for our Indian Emraan. He can add the element of drama to the movie. Being Bollywood’s best man in romance, he will also lift the romantic level of the movie.Emraan Hashmi as Han (originally played by Sung Kang)

6. Kangana Ranaut as Gisele (originally played by Gal Gadot): The bad girl of Bollywood, who made the audience love her IDGAF! attitude of Tanu in “Tanu weds Manu” can do wonders with the role of Gisele. Again Emraan- Kangana on screen chemistry is sure to be appreciated by the Indian audience as was in Gangster and Raaz.Kangana Ranaut as Gisele (originally played by Gal Gadot)

Do you agree with our list? If you think we missed someone or there are other celebs who can do the roles better leave your thoughts in the comments. 🙂