If This doesn’t Make Your Heart Melt, Nothing Will!!! Note : Don’t Miss the End!


If This doesn’t Make Your Heart Melt, Nothing Will!!! Note : Don’t Miss the End!

Cute Little Kid Baby Prisha Singing Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana
Baby Prisha with her mother Priyanka Azad

This cute little adorable baby Prisha is just two and a half years old who is from Noida. If this doesn’t Make Your Heart Melt, Nothing Will!!! Note: Don’t Miss the End!

When kids of baby Prisha’s age are mostly getting started with Nursery rhymes, she was given a task to perform Jana Gana Mana on the eve of 69th Independence Day of India. Along with baby Prisha her parents took up this responsibility – a task which looked nearly impossible to her parents in beginning.

According to Prisha’s mother it took two months of giving up on her daily dose of games to practice the entire National Anthem to perfection. Seeing complete change in day to day routine the little mind had lots of questions, “what does it mean?”, “When will I get my chocolates?”, “What is the India flag?”

Her parents, specially her mother showed her lots of books, videos of our country and culture, giving her lots of tempting chocolates and gifts to maintain her undivided attention for two months of practice.


Team Fantoosy were lucky enough to speak to her mother after baby Prisha’s stage performance. Her mother feels proud as her daughter has learnt the anthem before she even learned to speak. Kids like Prisha are the future of our country and her parents can hold their head up in pride, that she’s going up to be a proud Indian.

Her mother added, “My heart melts each time I hear her cute pronunciations – “Vidhaata as TaTa” and so on. The cutest Jana Gana Mana ever sung as baby Prisha at the end of her performance says, “Bharat Mata ki Jai. Jai Hind!”

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