I’m a Great Salman Fan says, Aamir!


I’m a Great Salman Fan says, Aamir!

Meetups with the Khans have always been a high thing to ask for and when it comes to play  play, there can be no one bigger than Shah Rukh, Aamir as well as Salman. but do you know one thing that they also have something in common and jealousy as well as competition within them? Well, there are a lot of things which may cut short.

I’m a Great Salman Fan says Aamir!3

“My wife and I have dependably been Salman’s fans. He has dependably had an exceptionally fit body, and he has been the motivation for actors like me to have a body like him,” Aamir told correspondents here.

I’m a Great Salman Fan says Aamir!2

Amid the show when a fan asked Aamir that even Salman Khan’s film Sultan will discharge this year so whose film ought to the fans go to watch initially, he said, “By chance Salman’s film is preceding mine. Sultan will be discharged first so it is, however, evident that you folks will watch Sultan first and simply like you even I am a major Salman Khan fan. So even I need to watch his film anxiously, and I am certain he more likely than not performed truly well in it,” he said.

However this just not stopped over here, Aamir Khan in a recent interview with the media came up to be quite bold in support of Salman Khan! As a matter of fact it was not just about attracting th public but he showed his love for Salman all around!

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There are reports that Phantom Films is arranging a spin-off of movie producer Rajkumar Santoshi’s 1994 drama “Andaz Apna.”

I’m a Great Salman Fan says Aamir!1

Aamir said. However, he didn’t have any thought regarding a proposed continuation yet if it happens he would love to star with Salman in it.

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“I don’t have any thought that whether Andaz Apna spin-off is going on or not and whether the creators are holding the old cast. Be that as it may if it is going on, then I would love to work with Salman once more.”

Aamir Khan likewise discussed Salman Khan’s Sultan, ”I am truly eager to watch Sultan in light of the fact that each film of Salman is stimulating to watch. We make the most of his movies a ton. Regardless of wrestling being a typical angle in our movies, the story of our movies is different. I adored the teaser and promo of the film Furthermore the tune, which has been fortuitously shot in Punjab.”

So why to wait for, Just after the launch of Sulatn, aaamir gets ready and steady to launch his Dangal!