India – A Country Where A Terrorist is Treated as a Hero and Martyr


India – A Country Where A Terrorist is treated as A Hero and Martyr

If you’re a terrorist, India should be your final destination. Because, no matter what crimes you commit and how many lives you take in this country, you will die as a hero and will be considered as a martyr after your death.

File Picture of Yakub Memom while taken to Supreme Court
Image Source :  File Picture of Yakub Memom while taken to Supreme Court

Thursday, 30th July 2015, Yakub Memom, a terrorist was hanged in Nagpur Central Jail, Maharashtra at 6:30 am. He was a Charted Accountant and younger brother of Tiger Memom (another convicted terrorist who is known as the master-mind behind the 13 serial bomb blasts which took place on Friday,12th March 1993 in several places of Mumbai.) This heinous crime claimed 350 innocent lives, above 1200 people injured and many families were destroyed forever.

Yakub Memom was caught on 5th August 1994 in Nepal. He funded the operation Black Friday. He also funded the training of 15 people so that they could specialize in arms and explosives. He is believed to be, one of the masterminds along with his brother Tiger Memom and Dawood Abraham who are still on search. As per RAW and Intelligence Bureau of India, they are hiding in Pakistan.

Tiger Memon Cremation Mumbai - Fantoosy
Image Source :- Ambulance Carrying dead Body of Yakub Memom

Supreme Court of India found him involved in the execution of blasts, convicted him guilty sentencing him “Hang till Death Warrant”. Shockingly even after being convicted by the Supreme Court, he was prime time favorite and a news of much importance over National security. Shouldn’t be shocked, as covered throughout by every small or big digital. print and Social Medias. Shamefully, many famous Politicians, Activists, Film Makers and Actors such as Ram Jethmalani, Prakash Karat, Naseeruddin Shah, Mahesh Bhatt and etc signed his mercy petition. Even Salman Khan was found tweeting on cancelling his death penalty. Later on he apologized after his father Salim Khan gave him a cover.

Coincidentally, former 11th President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was too cremated the same day.  But sadly, our India’s Prestitute Media was busy giving high powered attention to this terrorist’s conviction rather covering the cremation of Sir Kalam who mentored and guided the nation’s youth to do rightful. Yakub’s conviction and cremation was covered as if he was a Hero of masses and the crime he planned was a matter of huge pride. His heroism became stronger when thousands of people joined his cremation ceremony giving it a religious view for a specific religion.

Yakub Memon being idolized by mass people.
Image Source : Ummid : Yakub Memon being idolized by mass people.

At this very moment, a huge part of nation including me, is so confused and scared. Being a killer of masses, how we can treat him like a Hero!! It is said that crime has no religion. But the media and few traitors of nation didn’t leave any stones turned to give it a religious and political color overruling the verdict of Supreme Court. Can we trust anyone? Being so pained, I have no idea, which direction this nation is moving on!! I am unable to figure it out on what grounds he was and still is being treated as innocent!! As if he was able to revive the life and family of mass people killed or does spending 21 years in jail has made people forget what he did?

Image source : – TheHindu | Yakub Memom’s last Journey Mourned by thousands

Seems we have eyes, but we don’t want to see the reality. The nation has truly gone blind. Defending the life of a person who took lives of 350 people and destroyed thousands of lives.
Well India is a funny country and we are the one who makes it funny treating India’s traitors as a hero to be praised for.

Well, as an example, here a man rapes a girl, kills her and destroys the life of all the people related to her. People come on the streets to kill him and force the government for the capital punishment. But if a man kills 350 people and destroys lives of thousands of people related to them, people come on the streets to save his life and criticizes the government and the judiciary system for sentencing him to death and makes him a hero and a martyr.

Well I am sure of one thing that the opinion of someone could differ with other one. Question of Hour is, Who is wrong ?  Is it the Judiciary system who gave its verdict in favor of  Nation’s security, or the Media and the people who went after supporting Yakub against the verdict making him prime time favorite and a Hero.

No matter, how big, the political parties bake their benefits from the issue by provoking the nation on religious grounds, he was a terrorist who committed crime. Justice is Hailed !

You might be too having some views over the super-hyped Capital Punishment. Share your valuable views in the comment below.