India Create History with 6-1 Wins over Laos!


India Create History with 6-1 wins over Laos!

The insurgency took place in the event of World Cup Qualifiers when India just came up with a shocking defeat from Guam. Again this was the time to take revenge for what they have gone. India now had a golden opportunity to beat Laos and take the full advantage of their ranking who are 14 places behind the host! The match between India and Laos concluded with the home side winning 6-1.

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India Create History with 6-1 Wins over Laos!1

Moreover the rankings, it was practically the country’s last chance to qualify for the Asia Cup and as a result of this everything just went in favour of them!

Now it was time for the Giants to perform- And guess what they showed up! In the spare of 6 days between two matches, the Giants almost outraged the Laos to gain their win. They almost score 7 goals to win in 180 minutes of the game. The first win came in Laos, a hard-fought 1-0. The second was a fight back from 1-0 down to 6-1 up, with a spell of three goals in seven minutes to put the match to bed.

India beat Laos 6-1 at home and 7-1 on aggregate.

The two ties had everything that head coach Stephen Constantine has been craving from his young side. And the Indian football fan as well.

The most important fact for all was that the win came just after the time when Bengaluru Hills came out to reach the AFC Cup quarterfinals.  Well, this has been one of the best runs for the club as well as the city in the three-year history as said by the officials! However, they are just one step closer to reaching out to the highest position achieved by any Indian Club so far!

India Create History with 6-1 Wins over Laos!2
At a time when Indian football is going through a massive overhaul, and the FIFA U-17 World Cup coming to the country next year.  It vital for India to keep getting noticed on the continental stage.

It’s important because it shows we’re improving, that was the aim when I came here… to see what we can do in Asia. The coverage abroad is good, and everyone seems to enjoy Indian teams doing well outside the country,” Bengaluru’s former manager Ashley Westwood said at Puma Social Club.

It feels great in just the third year of existence. It’s an entirely different mentality approaching an AFC game… the gaffer takes care of the most minute details. Everything matters the food, which ground to train, the time gap, the sleeping pattern, the pitch adjustment and even the studs. 

Bengaluru and India skipper Sunil Chhetri on reaching the AFC Cup quarters

India Create History with 6-1 Wins over Laos!3

It’s tough times for the Indian football fan. Indeed there has been a lot of controversies for the team! Tough it is a thing to imagine that the Indian team getting knocked out from the World Cup Qualifiers!