Indian Armed Forces is going to induct Women in All Combat Roles


Indian Armed Forces is going to induct Women in All Combat Roles:

Indian Armed Forces is going to open combat roles for women. Women are occupying dignified position in  Indian Armed Forces. Surely this will be  a glad news for women!!  All women will be assigned challenging tasks according to their grade. IAF is going to give men and women equal importance. This announcement was made by our President Pranab  Mukherjee.
Indian Armed Forces is going to induct Women in All Combat Roles
Photo courtesy: TOI/ Venkat Rao M
“In our country, Shakti is the manifestation of female energy. This Shakti defines our strength. My government has approved the induction of women as short service commission officers and as fighter pilots in the IAF. In the future, my government will induct women in all fighter streams of our armed forces.” says the President.
This will be a glad news for women soldiers as presently they are denied to combat roles in the army and now they can be really proud off!! and the decision will be reviewed by the Government every five years.
“We have already expressed our commitment towards bringing in women into the combat streams of IAF and it is going to happen very soon. From providing proper toilet facilities to moderating male chauvinism, Indian Air Force has come a long way and we are ready now,” said Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak (retired).
Actually gender discrimination  is quite common in the armed forces. Women were given low grade positions. Now they can enjoy the position and  they can perform challenging jobs for the welfare of the country. If they prove their excellence they can enjoy their service towards the country in a dignified post.
Hopefully, the government’s decision to allow women to serve in combat will be a right decision and our nation will be benefited by exploring the powers of women soldiers and lets hope they all will do a great job.