Indian Buys Dubai Licence Plate For $9 Million


Indian Buys Dubai Licence Plate For $9 Million

Yes, you read that right, Welcome to the world of rich and famous. An Indian businessman named Balwinder Sahani paid 33 million dirhams ($9 million, or Rs59.9 crore) at an auction to buy a Dubai licence plate for one of his own Rolls Royce on October 8. That must be a really cool licence plate, but not sure if his Rolls Royce car is as expensive as the license plate is.

Seems like Balwinder Sahani was not satisfied with what he brought, so he also picked up another plate for about 1 million dirhams. Let’s not celebrate yet, Sahani told Gulf News that, he bought the number ‘O9’ licence plate last year at an auction for 25 million dirhams. Reports Bloomberg.

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Indian Buys Dubai Licence Plate For $9 Million-Fantoosy
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That’s a lot of millions you got there Sahani. This Indian businessman from Dubai owns a property management company.

Do not be alarmed, these kind of things regularly happen in Dubai. Saeed Al Khouri, a businessman from Abu Dhabi, paid more than 52.2 million dirhams for the number ‘1’ on his license plate in the year 2008.

As per the local media reports, plate ‘D5’ was sold to Balwinder Sahani at a government auction on Saturday and the initial bid for the plate ‘D5’ started at 20 million dirhams. And eighty number plates went under auction and the revenue generated from the sale goes to Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority.

It seems like licence plates with shorter numbers are considered to be status symbol by the rich and wealthy.

How much would you pay to own a cool licence plate?