Colors of Indian Flag Visible in the Tiranga Bhojan Prepared by Jharkand Women


Colors of Indian Flag are Visible in the Tiranga Bhojan Prepared by Jharkand Women!

Colors of Indian flag are seen in the Tiranga Bhojan prepared by women of Jharkand. Sheela Devi, a resident of Kasudih village in Jharkhand’s Deoghar district is displaying the three colors of our national flag in the nutritious and delicious Tiranga Bhojan.

Colors of Indian Flag Visible in the Tiranga Bhojan Prepared by Jharkand Women

A sort of Hindustani spirit is highlighted in the food items in which lentils signifies orange color, leafy vegetables green, and white, rice and milk white color. ‘Tiranga Bhojan’, or tricolor balanced nutritious meal initiated by a local NGO is famous not only for quantity but also for quality and it also reduced the death rate arising due to malnutrition by the improper diet chart.

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Rajesh Jha of the CWS, points out, “The reality was that people were not aware of the need to have an adequate and balanced diet. When we conducted a study on nutrition security in rural Jharkhand, what came to our notice was that people just liked to eat rice and potato.”

This variety meal, will improve the health of the whole community. This has created tremendous change in physical and mental growth of children in Jharkand. A balanced diet is essential for the overall development of children otherwise they will get affected by diseases and the physical and mental growth of each and every child will be retarded.

A balanced diet provides essential carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat in adequate amount which is necessary for the functioning of our body. Vegetables become a most vital component in a balanced meal. So it should be ensured that we are in taking fresh vegetables. Inorder to have fresh vegetables vegetable garden should be maintained in ones own home.

Colors of Indian Flag Visible in the Tiranga Bhojan Prepared by Jharkand Women

For a steady supply of greens and other vegetables, Pramila one of the native has created a small food garden near her kitchen comprising of The leafy pumpkin and gourd creepers jackfruit, fenugreek, spinach, ‘bathua’ (wild spinach), red spinach, and a variety of beans, and she is marketing it to the public also. Tricolor meal system is promoting organic farming too. Organic farming reduces the usage of vegetables imported from other states. Actually all Indian citizens should be motivated by Tiranga Bhojan.

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Nutrition-rich foods like soyabean and mushrooms are against the tribal customs in Jharkand.

“I know how difficult it sometimes can be to put food on the table in these parts. During the monsoon season, in particular, villages here become inaccessible and we have seen severe food scarcity in many households. So we try to tell everyone to utilise what is locally available and is good for health” Pramila says.

With the balanced diet system, women are showing their concern to their family members by enabling them to be mentally and physically strong, there by developing a good immune system. Doctors are tension free because they have very few patients. Organic farming is helping people to cultivate their own vegetables and there by leading a happy life.

Around 50 villages in Jharkand is following the Trimeal system and this should influence each and every Indians for their healthy survival.