Why Indian Judiciary System Is So Slow?


Why Indian Judiciary System Is So Slow?

“British court slams Indian judiciary’s slow pace. The piling number of pending cases in the Indian judiciary is legendary, estimates saying it would take 320 years to clear the backlog of 31.28 million cases pending in various courts across the country.” Says The Times Of India. No matter how many fast track courts are established, the number of pending cases still remains a lengthy issue. Some cases seems to go on and on for years.

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Why Indian Judiciary System Is So Slow-Fantoosy
Image Credits: Facebook

So is the case with this elderly couple shown in the picture above. A Facebook user named Maheshwer Peri posted this photograph in his timeline. Here you could see an old couple dragging a huge pile of files from their pending case on the ground. This picture sums up pretty much everything that is wrong with the Indian Judiciary System.

The Facebook post reads as written below,

“Heart wrenching. I am unable to erase this from my head. This is the Price people pay for an insensitive and lax justice delivery system. Two years back, We saw this old couple doing the rounds at a high court, with files and papers of many years. The weight of the files represents the years they spent seeking justice. Now, it is too heavy and they tag them along on a wooden trolley. They hold each other’s hands tight as they fight another battle, another date, another adjournment, year after year.

My Lordships, Take my life, but please deliver them justice when both are alive! Please!
Picture taken by Krishna Prasad.”

This isn’t the only people who are waiting for justice for years and years, there are millions of cases still pending in courts just like this one. What do you think is the reason behind such a long delay in providing justice, is it because there is no credible and admissible evidence against the accused?