Chennai Floods Ignored By Indian Newspapers


Chennai Floods Ignored By Indian Newspapers

Chennai has been suffering from major incessant floods that have been causing widespread damage and destruction, and claiming lives and property. In such a dire situation, when the media is supposed to help in spreading awareness of the situation in order to gather support for victims, national newspapers seem to be neglecting and ignoring the situation. All the following newspapers, except The Hindu and a bottom-corner article in Hindustan Times, have chosen to give importance to other news, and have not even mentioned the Chennai floods in their headlines. Read: Appeal To The Public To Boycott TRP-driven News Channels #DecemberMediaBoycott

Have a look :

The Hindu was the only newspaper to mention the issue with utmost importance, keeping the news as the first front-page headline:

Chennai Floods Ignored By Indian Newspapers

The Times Of India decided to report other news, of which the headline in bold letters is another addition to the long list of BJP vs Congress articles we’ve seen in the recent past:

Chennai Floods Ignored By Indian Newspapers
The Times Of India

Although Hindustan Times did consider the news for their front page, it seems they were hungrier for news with more masala:

Chennai Floods Ignored By Indian Newspapers
Hindustan Times

The Indian Express was more bothered about who said what to whom, and not about their countrymen losing their lives and homes:

Chennai Floods Ignored By Indian Newspapers
Indian Express

Hindi newspapers, too, failed to report on the disaster:

Dainik Jagran decided to prolong the popular topic of ‘intolerance’:

Hindi newspaper1

Dainik Bhaskar decided to make their headline about garbage, literally:


Amar Ujala thought the Chennai floods didn’t deserve as much attention as PM Modi stating the obvious:


In an age where the media has the power to rule over people’s thoughts and opinions, it is truly sad that no effort is being taken by news or media agencies to help flood victims in Chennai. They should all be launching campaigns to provide relief to flood victims! Instead, they continue to generate more and more controversial political topics to write on, and agitate the public to the point where they get aggressive. All for the sake of TRPs. Shame on the Indian media.

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