Innovative German Law to Aid Emergency Vehicles


Innovative German Law to Aid Emergency Vehicles

We often hear of unfortunate stories where an accident victim or someone who needs immediate medical attention loses their lives due to traffic jams or road blocks. We usually blame it on luck, but such situations can be prevented. Mismanagement of traffic leads to unorganised flow of vehicles on the road. This, in turn, causes traffic jams which take a long time to clear up. We would think that there needs to be some kind of rule to make sure that vehicles carrying those who are in an emergency situation do not have to suffer for poor traffic management. A German law has done exactly that.

German law
A German law requires vehicles stuck in traffic to create a lane for emergency vehicles to pass.

As you can see from the photograph, Germans are required by law to create a lane for emergency vehicles, if there is a traffic jam or any kind of reason for which traffic is held up. This means that no matter what the traffic situation is, those who need immediate emergency attention will be able to reach their destination without being held up by traffic. This innovative law must have saved the lives of thousands of people already, considering the fact that people often do not make it to the hospital in time because they were held up in traffic.

India, too, should take notice of such innovative yet effective laws, which would greatly benefit society. In our country, we hear of numerous occasions where emergency treatment is not available for those who need it, because they didn’t reach their destination on time. Many lives can be saved, and many people and families can benefit greatly from such laws.

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