Inspiring Act of Kindness by a Couple from Ahmadabad


Inspiring Act of Kindness by a Couple from Ahmadabad

Inspiring act of kindness is being stepped down by a lot of bad things going on in this world today. But spontaneous gesture of goodwill towards someone or something still finds their way to this world by means of common people like this couple from Ahmadabad who have been distributing around 1500 Kgs of free vegetables every week for 6 years to the people who can’t afford it.

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Inspiring Act of Kindness by a Couple from Ahmadabad

Yes, a business man named Mohit Shah and his wife Kinnariben from Ahmadabad have been supplying the daily dose of nutrition in the form of green vegetables for free to those who can’t afford them. The reason why this couple started doing this inspiring act of kindness is quite inspiring, the reason is as follows. Kinnariben like all other typical Indian women stepped out one fine evening to buy some vegetables, she reached the market, filled her bag with all vegetables needed and she left the market. On her way home Kinnariben saw some eyes staring at her, those eyes belonged to poor laborers and they weren’t actually staring at Kinnariben, they were staring at the bag filled with vegetables that Kinnariben was holding. They were staring at the vegetables because they were deprived of the vegetables as they could not afford them with their minimal wages. It was the time when inflation-hit green veggies that made it quite impossible for the poor laborers to purchase much needed green vegetables for them and their family. Kinnariben was well aware of it and without a second thought she gave all that she had to them and returned home empty handed.

Inspiring Act of Kindness by a Couple from Ahmadabad

Well it didn’t stop there, once she reached her home, she spoke with her husband Mohit Shah about it and they decided to do this every day and as decided they have been doing this for almost 6 years now.

Shah said, “My wife shared with me her idea of distributing veggies free to the needy. By God’s grace, we can afford to give some vegetables to the poor for free. We started with 200 kg of vegetables initially which has now reached to 1,500 kg a week. I buy vegetables worth Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 every day and distribute them thrice a week. We used to incur transportation cost. However, when the farmers learnt of our endeavor, they stopped charging us the transportation cost. This helps us buy more vegetables with the same money.”

Mohit Shah and his family spends around Rs 25 lakh annually. Kushal and Aashka, children of this kind couple helps them in distributing this green veggies. This family doesn’t limits themselves by providing vegetables to needy, they also helps needy students by paying their fee and helps them in buying books.

Shah says, ” We don’t accept donations from people, instead we urge them to do the same according to their financial capacity. I want to help people in whatever way I can. The almighty has blessed me by giving me an opportunity to make others’ lives better”

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You are never too poor to help someone who is in need, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to start helping others, there’s no such perfect time to start helping. Try to help poor people in whatever way possible today.