Is Our Prime Minister’s Degree A Myth?


Is Our Prime Minister’s Degree A Myth?

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Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is accused of faking his degree of MA in Political Science.

Most of the politicians in India don’t have proper qualifications or degrees, rather they just fake it.

But why is the Social Media picking on this particular politician?

This is because the other politicians are not running the country.

Prime Minister runs our nation and people elected him with their trust but what if those trusts are gone?

What if the Prime Minister on whom the people have put their trust in turns out to be a FRAUD?

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Few months ago Jitender Singh Tomar, former Delhi Law Minister was accused of faking his law degree and was arrested.

In the meanwhile when Jitender Singh Tomar was getting arrested our prime minister’s website went through a drastic change.

Earlier version of the site
An earlier version of the site

It showed that Narendra Modi holds a degree of M.A in Political Science, which was removed during the arrest of the former Delhi Law Minister.

changed version of the site
changed version of the site

Also a Gujrat-based activist filed a RTI for Modi Ji’s qualifications but it was turned down. When turned down he was asked to appeal against it.

You will find this funny that when the activist appealed as asked, the appellate body asked him to file a RTI all over again.Appeal dismissed

Both PMO and the Election Commission turned down his request.

And the reason the head of the appellate body SE Rizvi, gave was “A public authority is obliged to provide information, which is held in its records and, in the matter in hand where the requisite information does not form part of office records, the contention that the PMO should provide the same is not correct.”

Here are some trending tweets about the fake degree of our Prime Minister.

So would you like to hand our nation’s future in the hands of  a Fraud?

Do you think our prime minister should also be punished the way Jitender Singh Tomar was?

Please share your views in the comments below and tell us what do you think would be the right thing to do at this very moment.