ISIS Threatens Egypt To Kill Hostage


ISIS Threatens Egypt To Kill Hostage 

A new video has been received from the terrorist of ISIS. As per this video a man from kruashia, Tomislav is sitting on his knees with the terrorist. Although, It hasn’t been proved yet but sources believe that the person standing behind Tomislav is Jehadi John, A terrorist from Britain,

tomislav- EGYPT
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Tomislav has read a message from ISIS in the video. In this message they have warned Egypt that if in next 48 hours they do not free the Muslim women, he would be killed by these people. The video also depicts a sharp knife in the hand of the terrorist. According to Tomislav, He is married and has two kids.

The video has been released on Wednesday. In this video Tomislav say’s, “I was kidnapped by ISIS terrorist on the 22nd of July, while I was traveling in my company’s car on my way to the office”.

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