ISRO Eyes World Record With 82 Launches In A Go


ISRO Eyes World Record With 82 Launches In A Go

Yes, you read that right, ISRO is about to create a new world record for sending highest number of satellites to space in one single go. This sure looks like a great Indian space mission by ISRO that will be remembered for a very long time. In a single go ISRO will be sending 82 satellites in to space. Subbiah Arunan, the project director of Mars Orbiter Mission+ (MOM), has said “If all goes well, on January 15, 2017, Isro will launch 82 foreign satellites in a daring single shot”. Reports The Times Of India.

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ISRO Eyes World Record With 82 Launches In A Go-Fantoosy
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Arunan, who have reached Mumbai to attend the Brand India Summit 2016 said that, from the 82 satellites that are supposed to be send to space, 60 belong to the US, 20 are from Europe and two are UK-made. Currently Russia hold’s the record for launching the highest number of satellites (launched 37 satellites on June 19, 2014) in one go. The second to send most number of satellites in one go is US, which has sent 29 satellites into space on November 19, 2013.

India previously have launched 20 Satellites in to space in one go on June 22, 2016.

“All 82 satellites will be placed in a 580-km polar sun synchronous orbit in a span of 20-25 minutes after launch,” Reports The Times Of India.

If this mission succeeds, India will be breaking a global space record. Team Fantoosy wishes India all the luck for this mission to be a great success.