Jagga Jasoos (2017) : Movie Review


Jagga Jasoos (2017) : Movie Review

Jagga Jasoos : First the good news : Ranbir Kapoor is absolutely fantastic in Jagga Jasoos. Here’s an actor who seems to be competing only with himself and with every film, sets a new benchmark for his career best. Jagga Jasoos also has a competent supporting cast in Saswata Chatterjee (the unforgettable Bob Biswas from ‘Kahaani’ (2012) and the ever reliable Saurabh Shukla who plays the baddie.

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Jagga Jasoos 2017 Movie Review-Fantoosy

Now the bad news : Detective Jagga lacks a proper script and coherent screenplay…

Infact, writer director Anurag Basu has no story to tell. Here’s whatever little there is : Jagga (Ranbir) is an orphan raised by a foster father (Chaterjee) who disappears one day. Jagga turns jasoos as he grows up and with help of a reporter (Katrina Kaif acting as bad as ever), travels to North east India and South Africa to search for his missing guardian. Unwittingly, the two get involved in an international arms dropping scandal which has its roots tracing to the real life Purulia arms drop of 1995. Huh, whazzat!!!

More woe : the narrative unfolds in a musical form with most of the dialogues sung in rhyming couplets. The previous two hindi films which tried this experiment were Ketan Mehta’s ‘Oh Darling Yeh Hai India’ (1995) and of course, Kanti Shah’s cult classic ‘Gunda’ (1998) which had every villain breaking the fourth wall and introducing himself in rhyme. While the musical dialogues work initially in Jagga, atleast, till the Ms Mala episode, it gets tiring thereafter and then insufferable towards the end…

A lot of effort is spent on locations and yup, the stunning visuals by Ravi Varman are the best seen so far in hindi cinema. Action by Allan Amin is also unique. Pritam’s music, though not chart busting, complements the film perfectly. On the flipside, some of the rhyming dialogues sung by the characters turn even the serious situations in to a comedy. Like the scene where Jagga and his dame are captured by foreign cops who start singing and dancing like him. And that ‘Sab khaana khake daaru peeke chale gaye’ party sequence. Bizarre!!

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Anurag Basu’s ‘Barfi’ (2012) was also an experiment which connected with the audience. Obviously, it’s success has bolstered the director to dare something more risky. He’s made a visually appealing film with good performances. Unfortunately, it doesnt hold up in absence of a strong story. The result : Jagga Jasoos is an experiment gone wrong….horribly wrong!!!!!



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