Jai Gangaajal Movie Review: Old Story, Good Music, Good Acting


Jai Gangaajal Movie Review: Old Story, Good Music, Good Acting

Jai Gangaajal: though doesn’t have a fresh story but the presentation is surely fresh. The performances are the forte of this film, Rahul Bhatt, Manav and all the actors in the positive and negative side of the ring are superb, but it is Priyanka Chopra who is the star in a role which is not author backed she performs with a authenticity which will force you to clap for her, she fights, acts, underplays, shouts….everything in exemplary manner.

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jai gangajal movie review, Jai Gangaajal

Can watch it- it definitely could have been much better but it is surely not bad at all!! The background music of this movie is surprisingly very good.

The screen opens with a Land Mafia Dabloo Pande, harassing a poor farmer to sign his land in his favor. This Dabloo is brother of Politician Babloo Pande, who think that he is life time MLA of BANKIPUR. Both these bad man are protected by a corrupt Cop B N Singh.

The big plus here is “Story Line”. It is contemporary and every single moment is getting neatly engaged with the audience. Though, there is nothing new in the story but still, it wins your heart with emotional surprises at regular jump of time.

The big attraction here is Priyanka Chopra. She delivers rock-solid performance as SP Abha Mathur. The best part is she plays it effortlessly. Whether it’s Laathicharge or lightning slaps. Interdepartmental meeting or consoling the family of suicide victim. Priyanka gets deserving applauds.

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The big surprise here is Prakash Jha. You got to watch the movie to witness the wonder created by the character P.I. Bhola Nath Singh. In his debut as an actor, he delivers flawless performance. Whether as a corrupt Cop supporting goons of bad politicians and Land Mafias to a transformed man protecting poor villager and farmers. Prakash Jha, steals the show and forces Priyanka to take a backseat. He emerges as the main hero of the film and all other as supporting.


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The big truth here is “Same old wine served in the Same old glass”. But every character in ‪#‎JaiGangaajal‬, gets his equal and special space. May it a Babloo-Dabloo Pande (Manav kaul and Ninad Kamat) or the farmer who attempts suicide or the PhD degree holder Rhaul Bhatt… Every one gets their time in 160 minutes of the run-time.

Her Jai Gangaajal released yesterday and Quantico‘s (new season) starting from tomorrow.

All this on her own while having no connections in the industry. Way to go. Can’t wait to see you at the mountain top PC.

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