Judwaa 2 : (2017) Movie Review


Judwaa 2 : (2017) Movie Review

Judwaa 2 : NO! This isn’t a sequel though the title suggests one. This is a perfect example of an old wine in a new bottle. Slapstick comedy lovers wouldn’t mind sipping this wine. Judwaa 2 is a hilarious comedy of errors and has the same base as its original storyline of the Salman Khan- Karishma Kapoor starrer that released 20 years ago.

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Judwaa 2 2017 Movie Review-fantoosyTwins separated at birth, one raised by fisherfolk in mumbai and the other by the biological parents in London. How they end up being in the same city after growing up leading to multiple situations of confusion and hilarity forms the basic crux of this comedy where the screenplay is mysteriously missing.

David Dhawan has been directing for over thirty years and had an impressive box office standing in the 90’s and one such box office spinner was the original Judwa (1997). Though the premise is same, the director does try to modernise the proceedings and adds few novel situations to ensure the movie doesn’t have a 90’s hangover. The direction is just about fine, the dialogues are comical and cringe worthy at the same time. Editing, story, music, choreography are the weakest links. The special effects are outdated and look like they belong to 80’s Tv shows.

It is the lead actor Varun Dhawan who responsibly uplifts the movie, in spite of very weak characterisation he manages to add charm and charisma to the dual roles. His comic timing is good and he performs well in the action and dance sequences as well. Jacqueline Fernandes is a delight to the eyes and adds glitter to even dull situations. She covers up her weakness in comedy by flashing that million dollar smile    Zakir Hussain, Manoj Joshi & Vivaan Bathena are typecast and ham throughout their villainous act. Rajpal Yadav tries to do a Shakti Kapoor but fails and looks too old to play the role he’s cast in. Veteran Johnny Lever performs exuberantly in a brief but impressive cameo.

It’s a pleasure to watch the otherwise serious and sober Pawan Malhotra play an out and out comedian, he’s cast as a Punjabi police officer and acts confidently invading a genre which he’s not known for as yet. Why on earth someone as dull as Tapsee Pannu is cast in this comedy is a major query considering she falters badly and looks moronic through out the movie. Anupam Kher who also appeared in the original version returns back this time as a sugar daddy and has able support from Atul Parchure with their joint comedy skits. Even Ali Asghar is noticeable in his small role of a psychiatrist. Upasana Singh is completely over the top as the gold digger mother.

Remaking an almost forgotten hit of 1997 didn’t really look like a great idea but in this case David Dhawan as the director and Varun in the lead jointly ensure the comedy is typical run of the mill with nearly zero percent boredom and hundred percent entertainment.

Directed by: David Dhawan.

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Anupam Kher, Sachin Khedekar, Zakir Hussain, Manoj Joshi, Vivaan Bathena, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Vikas Verma, Pawan Malhotra, Manoj Pahwa, Ali Asghar, Atul Parchure, Tapsee Pannu, Donna, Prachi Pandya, Upasana Singh.

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1. Direction : 3
2. Music : 2.5
3. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue : 3
4. Cinematography : 4.5
5. Production Quality : 4