The Jungle Book – Movie Review


The Jungle Book – Movie Review

My earliest tryst with Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ was the comic I won in exchange of Goldspot (popular orange soft drink in the 80’s) crowns. I must have been around six years and I absolutely loved the story. Then in the early 90’s, the Hindi dub of the Japanese TV adaptation of ‘Jungle Book’ hooked the audience of its time, including me. “Chaddi Pahen Ke Phool Khila Hai..“song is still remembered. Today, I got to relive all those fond memories by watching director’s Jon Favreau‘s live action CGI adaptation.

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The new ‘Jungle Book’ is a cinematic triumph, no less!

With absolutely mind boggling CGI, the animals and the jungle landscape are captured so realistically; you get a feel of being right there with Mowgli (Neel Sethi in an impressive debut) and his friends Bagheera – the panther and Baloo – the grizzly as they stand up to face the evil tiger – Sher Khan. Mowgli‘s encounter with Kaa – the python and a singing Orangootan called King Louie are some of the highlights of the movie.

The Jungle Book - Movie Review

Apart from employing technical effects of highest standards, Favreau has also cast the right actors to voice the various animals. The performances are spot on and add glamour quotient to the enterprise.

There’s hardly anything to count on the flipside except that Kaa’s character needed more histrionics and screen time. And yes, a couple of 3D effects like Sher Khan leaping out of screen may indeed, scare little kids. For a change, I actually agree with Pahlaj Nihalani Saahab!!

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With not a single moment of boredom or monotony creeping in its 107 minutes of run time, The Jungle Book is a must watch for all – from age six to sixty. Book your tickets now!!

Some startling moments too which make your heart skip a beat. Watch the trailer here:


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