Juvenile Murderer Released After 2 Months, Murders Again


Juvenile Murderer Released After 2 Months, Murders Again

Juvenile crime isn’t easy to deal with. Even though modern times have made thoughts of crime creep into young minds of this generation, laws and considerations due to age have made juvenile crime an increasingly tough topic to deal with, especially when it comes to what punishments are given to juvenile delinquents in today’s society. This 17-year-old juvenile murderer and robber is a prime example of a wrong decision taken only our of consideration for the criminal’s age.

The teen, along with his girlfriend, had earlier abducted a child killed him because his father failed to pay a ransom of Rs 60,000. This incident took place in the month of September. He was released within two months of this crime for ‘good behaviour’. The 17-year-old is the son of an electrician, and had wanted to fund his entry into a popular dance reality show on television. His obsession with the TV show is what led him to commit Monday’s murder and robbery, according to police.

juvenile murderer
(source: TOI)

He strangled Mithilesh Jain, an elderly woman of 65, at her home. He rang the doorbell, and when Mithilesh came to the door, he said that he was looking for a friend, and then asked for some water, after touching her feet. He then followed her into the kitchen and strangled her despite some resistance on her part. Once he had killed her, he continued to steal gold jewellery, 2 mobile phones, an iPad and some cash, after finding the key to her cupboard in her purse.

juvenile murderer
(source : TOI)

Jain’s body was found on Tuesday morning by a household help, Bhuvesh. Parents of the youth say that he was obsessed with the idea of becoming a dancing star and had even stolen money from their house to pay for dance competitions. The juvenile had apparently made it to the first round of the reality show on a previous occasion. He had met a man who promised to take him through the second round if he could arrange Rs 40,000, the family said. (Source :The Times of India)

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