Karnataka Village Adopted by a 24 Year Old Guy


Karnataka Village Adopted by a 24 Year Old Guy:

A village in Karnataka adopted by a 24-year guy. Can you ever think of this act?  It is really an appreciable effort taken by a 24-year guy Rahul Prasad from Delhi. Rahul is a final-year engineering student of RV College. This 24-year old has adopted a village named Bhadrapura, in Ramanagara district of Karnataka. What is the real provocation behind this act? Go through the story.

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Karnataka Village Adopted by a 24 Year Old Guy

Rahul happened to be in the village as a part of a medical camp for children. He and his friends distributed toothbrushes, soaps and other material for the “Hakki Pikki” tribal people. He gave awareness to the tribals about the importance of hygiene.

The number of hygiene camps increased but their effort went in vain just like a line drawn in water. As the villagers were interested only in collecting the materials, he realized the importance of implementing a continuous awareness programme. So he “adopted the village” along with its 140 families for improving the quality of living conditions of the tribals and also for  modifying  the village as a “Smart village”.

His activities are in collaboration with his own association “Juvenile Care Charitable Trust” which focuses on the upliftment of underprivileged children. He is doing the welfare activities along with the jurisdictional Manchanayakanahalli panchayat development officer and taken up work for welfare activities.

The village lacked hygiene due to the presence of clogged roadside drains turning into breeding places for mosquitoes and also due to open defecation. The condition of villagers is really worse sine they lack a hospital facility in their village.

The tremendous work done by this 24-year old involves collecting and distributing clothes for the villagers, especially for the pregnant women, installation of alternate power sources like piezoelectric generators via under ground sensors and the improvement of connectivity. Thus Rahul had given a magical outlook to the neglected village.

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For his great work he was honored with the prestigious UN Karma veer Chakra Award and REX Global Fellowship, instituted by the Indian Confederation of NGOs in association with the United Nations. With in this tender age he has done a miraculous job!!

Rahul says: The journey hasn’t been a hunky-dory for me. A village is a complex phenomenon. There are positive and negative vibes, but its good I’m encountering all this early in life. I prefer to increase the number of positive-minded people and drive them towards change. For me, the village has become second home now.

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Today, Rahul looks at Bhadrapura with a possessive pride. There is a palpable change, and he knows he is driving it.