Kenyan Company Has A Unique Way Of Helping The Environment


Kenyan Company Has A Unique Way Of Helping The Environment

The condition of the earth and the environment is alarming, and it is the need of the hour for us all to do whatever is in our power to help prevent further damage. One of the biggest problems being faced in the world today is that of waste management. The need to reduce, reuse and recycle is more than ever, and it is up to the human race to find a way to make amends for all the environmental destruction we have caused, and helping the environment and all living beings to survive.

FabAfriq Magazine‘s Facebook post shows us an active example of how we can make a difference to the environment, if we only try. Here is the story of a remarkable company from Kenya, narrated through this video :

Excerpt from the Facebook post – “This little company from Kenya makes toys from slippers that wash up on the beach.Just admire the originality and authenticity of these toys. At the same time they are green ecologists promoters because they are recycling wastes. Please let give them a maximum of shares and likes . ‪#‎MadeofAfrica‬


These people are working towards such a noble cause and deserve to be noticed, so that people from around the globe can be inspired to do something for the environment as well.

It’s about time we stop deteriorating the condition of the earth and the environment and improve its condition, for our own sake and for the sake of all living beings on this planet. We have no right to destroy the same earth that keeps us alive. We need to live in harmony with the environment, and make it possible for future generations to enjoy the gifts of the earth like we have for so long.

What innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle can you think of? Tell us in the comments section!