Kids Nurtured this Dog – What Happened Next is Shocking


Kids Nurtured this Dog – What Happened Next is Shocking

What did the poor dog do to deserve all their atrocities. What makes others think that those who are capable to do this to animals, wont do the same to a human? A world where humans lynch another human on the basis of religion, a stray animal doesn’t stand a chance. [ Read: Shocking Truth – What this Dog Breeder did will Break Your Heart ]

The Kids Nurtured the Dog, Provided Food Water - What Happened Next is Shocking

On 27-January-2016 Haardikaa Goswami brought this inhumane act, she wrote:

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Hello people,
Share this as much as you can.. one movement.. one nation.. all human!
Today, I am going to pick up one social issue, which is generally not even considered in our society as a lot of us are not involved in such acts. But some people.. they are.
I am from Chandigarh, and currently staying in Ahmedabad. So, there was this stray dog which entered my residential area in Chandigarh two months back. People tried to catch him, called the dog catchers, etc. But why? For one simple reason.. he was stray! The kids in the area nurtured the dog everyday, provided him food and water, as it was weak. The kids had even collected funds to get the dog vaccinated so that people are not scared to keep it in the area. But today, I got a call about the mishap that took place.
The dog was tied up by men with a tree using a rope, hit with lathis and what not.. this insane act was recorded by the children who went to save his life but were prohibited and pushed away, and their video was deleted. The dog was in deep bruises and almost lifeless, when the police arrived and with a half hearted belief to this, its shameful for me to state, that the police beat the dog too. And see.. we call ourselves.. HUMAN. Do we rule the planet? Or are we just to superficial in our acts towards the society? Its a matter of shame to human race, this act must be brought into notice of all people in and out of Chandigarh. The dog was finally taken in the sack, and there is no single clue of its life or death! The children are still trying to find him.. and save him. SHARE PLEASE! Just VIRAL this post.

However saddening as it may sound, but humanity was lost long long ago.

Haardikaa Goswami posted today that luckily people were able to trace back this poor animal and saved his life. Here is what she mentioned on her facebook timeline.

hello people,
I am glad to share with you all that we have successfully traced the dog in an NGO in PATIALA, where it was vaccinated and given home. P.S. SHARE THIS POST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Thank you for your support, your care and your love for the animal. keep sharing and keep loving the speechless lives with innocent eyes. SHARE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL HUMANITY WE WERE FINDING! SHARE HAPPINESS

Happy that the life of this poor animal got saved but just imagine the atrocities he must have gone through and the sufferings. Strict action should be taken against the people behind such incidents who leave wrong examples for others. Kudos to the kids and people around who went ahead looking for the dog and saved his life.