KRK Again Engages In A Stardom Fight. This Time With Rishi Kapoor


KRK Again Engages in a Stardom Fight. This Time With Rishi Kapoor

It seems KRK just can’t stop poking his long, big Pinocchio nose to be in the limelight. While Twitter was rolling with feeds about the strong objection of Rishi Kapoor to everything being coined after the name of Gandhi, KRK finally took to the Twitter handle to create one more sensational Twitter battle.

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KRK out on a ranting journey against Rishi Kapoor
KRK out on a ranting journey against Rishi Kapoor

KRK has been sharing the highlight for long with his weird comments on each and every celebrity. While we may consider them as his efforts to be the word of mouth, this man remains undeterred from his approaches. In fact this is not the first time KRK takes to Twitter to attack the renowned Kapoor figure. Though his previous comments were brilliantly counterfeited by the veteran actor but that did not seem to doom this cheap star’s spirits.

Rishi Kapoor had dismissed KRK’s cheap tweets previously with a small note at the Twitter.

However things may worsen as KRK’s idiosyncrasies intensify.

Here he is once again with one of his cheap Twitter attacks again on Rishi Kapoor.

The flow of cheap vernaculars from his mouth shows that KRK has not taken his primary class lessons seriously. KRK is back to super cheap antics and the way he abused Rishi Kapoor proves his worth.

Rishi Kapoor had shared his strong opinion about the naming of every important national asset by the name of Gandhi. He also cited examples like the Indira Gandhi National Airport to establish his point. While 17th May Rishi Kapoor had created some storm with his social and political questions and attracted a lot of Twitter troll, it seems KRK was just too jealous to bear it.

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Look what Rishi Kapoor had to say last night.

It was on 18th May morning he decided to make his slang loaded Tweet as a reply to Rishi Kapoor’s questions. ( We understand it took him the whole night to plan his creative shit). And then he was gone with the flow.

And the Game Begins!!!

Seems like KRK is too slow to learn his lessons.

We are still waiting for Mr. Kapoor to make a reply but it looks like he is too graceful enough to engage in these cheap games.