Kriti (Short Film 2016) Review


Kriti (Short Film 2016) Review

For a mentally deranged person, there is a thin line between imagination and reality and when this line blurs, such a person is unable to distinguish the two which can lead him to take drastic steps. Writer-editor-music composer and director Shirish Kunder uses this basic premise in his first short film titled ‘Kriti’ which turns out to be far superior than the full length movies he made so far (‘Jaan-E-Man’ (2006) and ‘Joker’ (2012)). [ Read: Udta Punjab Movie Review ]

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Admittedly, Kriti is one of best shorts I’ve seen in recent times – the last one which impressed me as much was ‘Ahalya’ (2015) directed by Sujoy Ghosh, another mainstream director successfully attempting a short film. [ Read: TE3N (2016) Movie Review


Sapan (Manoj Bajpayee) is undergoing psychiatric treatment from Dr. Kalpana (Radhika Apte) who gets suspicious after he confides in her about his new live-in girlfriend Kriti (Neha Sharma). Sapan has had a previous bad experience with an imaginary girl called Rachana. On Kalpana’s suggestion, Sapan reluctantly agrees to secretly video shoot the agoraphobic Kriti to prove her existence.

Shirish keeps the mystery element intact and engaging right till the end. In-fact, the unexpected twist in the finale is a masterstroke of sorts. [ Read: Housefull 3 (2016): Movie Review by Sumeet Nadkarni]

Of the cast, Manoj Bajpayee brings back memories of his super fine performance in ‘Koun’ (1999) and ‘Aks’ (2001). He is brilliant. Neha Sharma, in the titular role, gets limited scope but still makes the most out of it. But above all is the ravishing and intriguing Radhika Apte leaving a solid impression in the two scenes she appears in. Here is an actress who looks convincing and confident in any role she chooses. I am now looking forward to ‘Kabali’ where she is paired opposite Superstar Rajinikanth. [ Read: Phobia (2016): Movie Review]

In the meantime, you guys are advised not to miss Kriti. Watch the  short film here: